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The 82 mm 2B14 Podnos (2B14 PODНOS) light mortar may be regarded as an entirely new development, owing little other than an overall similarity to earlier Soviet/Russian Federation 82 mm designs such as the M-37. It is in production for use by airborne and other special force units. The 2B14 has been superseded in manufacture by the 2B14-1 model.

The 2B14-1 Podnos uses modern materials and manufacturing methods throughout, but remains entirely conventional in overall design, being a bipod-mounted, drop-fired smoothbore mortar with a high-strength steel alloy barrel. The muzzle is fitted with a device to prevent double loading, (although this is not always employed). The 2B14-1 is also fitted with what is described as a firing-pin lowering mechanism used when unloading is necessary. If required, the entire mortar can be broken down into manpack loads to be carried by the crew of four.Sighting equipment includes a MUM panoramic mortar sight and a K1 collimator, both provided with lighting equipment for use at night.When introduced, the 2B14 Podnos could fire all existing 82 mm mortar ammunition types over a range of 80 to 3,200 m. However, a later series of 82 mm ammunition types were developed with a range band from 90 to 4,000 m.In Bulgaria, a self-propelled version of the 2B14 Podnos is carried in a variant of the MT-LB tracked carrier. The system weight in travelling order with a crew of four is 12,600 kg.A document dated October 1992 gives the unit price for a single 2B14 Podnos light mortar as USD15,000.




Max firing range
(fragmentation mortar bomb), km 4.02
Min firing range, km 0.08
Rate of fire, rds/min 20
Elevation, deg: from 45 to 85
Traverse, deg 8
Fire pattern:
in range, Epr/Xmax 1/183
in deflection, Epd, m 7
Fragmentation mortar bomb weight, kg 3.1
Weight of weapon, t 0.039
Crew 4
Unit of fire, rds 120

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